To remain up-to-date and functional, a website must be maintained. As technology advances, we ensure the accuracy and optimal performance of your website.

Our Approach

Fifty percent of users discover a new company, product or service with every online search. They visit your website, discover your items, search your services, and get your company first impression. This first impression can make or break the next sale of your company.

This fact makes maintenance of the website a top priority for companies today.

As your partner, Sifu Web offers a tailored and detailed website maintenance plan to help deliver a quick, stable and seamless online experience to your company. We also deliver turnkey solutions as a full-service digital marketing agency to maximize the performance of your website.

Our Process


We create our websites based on a CMS with such an easy-to-use backend that it can be controlled by a non-technical person. That’s not a problem, though, if you prefer us to do it instead.

System Upkeep

Behind the scenes, the website must also be well-oiled. Not only do you need system updates to keep your security measures new, your website can also use performance tuning, optimization, tracking, and other measures for housekeeping.


You may need a new function, tab, or changes to the template. But not big enough to complete the construction of a new website. To make these changes happen, you may call us or count on our periodic analysis.

We can help with

Overall Site Improvements

The best measure of the success of your website comes from people who use your website, from consumers to staff to leaders. Questions, comments, complaints and suggestions from visitors to the site provide valuable feedback to enhance the site. For routine maintenance of your website, you can use these tips to boost your website’s efficiency online.

Product or Service Updates

When your company continues to grow, your goods, services and prices will inevitably change. Businesses therefore need a consistent schedule and process to upgrade old products, change existing service rates, and more.

Online Specials

If you’re an e-commerce company, updating your website with the latest offers, deals, and more is important. Even if your business is running offline, online promotions can be offered to drive users to contact your staff, visit your place, or schedule an appointment.

Interactivity Maintenance

Website maintenance updates the web to ensure the interactive features of your site are working. Even if these features become outdated and require replacement, website maintenance services can provide advance notice of this need to your team.