Websites are now the most important piece of collateral for any business. A great website will not just be online to represent your brand or to help you sell your products or services. However, to help you achieve your business goals and put you at the forefront of your competition, a really great website redesign should be leveraged.


Here’s what you can do:
1) Improve your brand reputation and recognition
2) Becoming an industry leader
3) Customer conversion
4) Gain a better understanding of your audience.
5) Boost customer experience


Increasing the credibility and recognition of your product

A website can do your brand a lot of good. But it can do a lot of damage as well. People judge companies based on their websites. If a website looks bad or is hard to use, customers will, of course, have the company’s low opinion.

In addition, if the content or design is unattractive, 38 percent of people would cease to interact with a website. After all, why would you trust someone who is not even able to get the right website?


Bad website, bad reputation

It can also make businesses look unprofessional (especially small businesses). Who will you choose if you need to hire a plumber: the one with the clean, beautiful, easy-to-use website? Or the one with a 1997 website? It’s no brainer, isn’t it?

The value of providing a well-looking and fully functional website can not be overestimated, especially at a time when more and more users are visiting smartphone websites. If through a mobile-friendly site you don’t provide great user experience, visitors simply won’t come back.


A good website is more than perfect

But a good website can also help raise awareness of the brand. This can be done in two ways: by educating the user about the product or offering effectively, and by attracting more traffic. Any decent website of the company should make it clear to the user exactly what the company is doing or selling and how it can benefit the user. It seems easy, but you would be surprised at how many businesses are struggling in this.

The second point is not as obvious. You don’t just need to worry about the end-user while creating a website, you also need to think about how search engines such as Google will also crawl the site. Failure to make the website SEO-friendly and dry traffic could be seen.

Nonetheless, boost your website’s SEO friendliness — through writing in clean code, having a great design and internal connection structure, including loads of unique content, and making it mobile-friendly — and you could enhance your brand awareness by ranking Google higher.


Protect Hard-Earned SEO Content

When considering redesigning their website, a deterrent factor for many people is that they will lose domain authority or high-ranking SEO content. Before you start redesigning to preserve your SEO, there are steps you should take, including creating a detailed content plan on your current website, conducting audits on your current website to see what works, reviewing backlinks, and more.


Becoming an industry leader

A good website, as well as helping companies to increase brand reputation, can also help companies establish themselves as a leader in the industry. Crafting well-researched, informative and interesting tools such as blog posts and white papers is another way to work towards higher rankings. But these are not just a way to attract backlinks, these kinds of blog posts and papers can also set up and cement business as a leader in the industry.


Educate via a blog

Every great business website should include a blog or resource section – somewhere that gives your business a voice to communicate with consumers, businesses, and rivals. A blog can also contribute to an effective strategy of digital marketing based on the creation of content. With a blog in place, you’re giving your business a platform to create and publish the kind of content that not only gets industry recognition but also attracts and engages consumers.