Social Media

Our Social Media Marketing empowers your organization to develop Brand awareness, better networks, and more website traffic

Our Approach

Social media platforms collectively receive billions of visits each month and provide businesses with plenty of opportunities to attract visitors and increase sales. While search engine traffic has a higher conversion rate, due to the high level of potential traffic, brand awareness efficiency and the positive effects it has on search engine optimization, this channel should not be overlooked.

Sifu Web will monitor the social media channels and develop a strategy. We can create a network and business relationships, build your followers with targeted individuals or businesses, develop your brand and confidence through interactions, and promote your services in the right way.

Our Process


Growing up your social media followers will help you improve word of mouth and references. Our social media marketing tools can support you with relevant people to increase your followers. We will make sure that your followers suit your traditional customers ‘ profiles, desires, and habits.


Through engaging with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you when you build a strong bond. We will assist you with expanding engagement (likes, remarks, and so on.) on your internet based life posts. The greater engagement you have, the more grounded your association is with your crowd.


Increasing traffic on your website will have a direct impact on leads and sales. We will focus on developing strategies for social media advertising that drive high traffic volumes to your website. We may incorporate retargeting ads to keep in front of recent website visitors to maximize conversions.

We can help with

Reach more through Facebook

You reach more than 2 billion active monthly users when addressing your audience via Facebook. You have an assurance that by introducing the material to the local prospects you can meet the target audience.

Tell more stories

Now you’ve got the most powerful tool to touch billions of users worldwide. Since a picture is worth more than a thousand words accurately, Instagram is known to be the most effective social media platform for marketing and branding. We ensure that your brand reaches the appropriate audience and brings more sales.

Make more Trending hashtags

Rise the reputation of the brand via Twitter. Facebook has more than 330 million users and is used by all ages. Develop a trusted platform to build trust and relationships.

Connect more links

It has a possible scope of more than 500 million prospective customers when you post a word of your brand in Linkedin. Linked in guarantees that you touch educated youth worldwide. SifuWeb, Malaysia is thus using Linked in as the most appropriate platform for our social media marketing service.