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Is your website Mobile Friendly?


By 2018, it is projected that more users will access the internet from their phone than from a computer. Does this mean that all of those fancy flash-based, heavy content sites will become obsolete? Probably not, but it does mean that if you do not have a mobile presence you’ll be missing out on over half of all web browsers.

Having a mobile version of your site doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. In fact it’s typically a smaller version of your existing website with a more simplistic design. The important thing is to identify the key actions you want your customers to take when accessing your mobile site. Please fill in the form below and find out how you can leverage the power of mobile website to improve your business online.

  • Tap emerging mobile internet user
  • Reaching out to more potential sales.
  • Mobile Presence
  • To be ahead your competitors in this growing channel.
  • Content management
  • Keep your mobile web content updated with admin control panel.
  • Your visitor thank you for being mobile friendly
  • Most websites aren’t built for the small screen devices.
  • Loading speed is faster
  • The browser/loading speed is quicker with simple layout and fully optimised in mobile devices.
  • Cost effective
  • One time development cost, no contractual period and no commitment.

We deliver your website within 30 days, or the date you mentioned to Live. Contact our partner  Web Design company now. Money back guarantee within 30 days if not satisfied.