08 Oct

CMS Website

Content Management Systems (CMS) are rapidly becoming the standard in website design platforms. While there are many different types of CMS architectures (many of which are free or open source) they all do basically the same thing in their own way. Each has their own strengths and weeknesses, but they share some common attributes as well.

Any CMS is built to help manage content through a web based administration portal for web masters. This is a huge advantage for a web owner that is not proficient in web programming languages like HTML and PHP. Using a CMS you are able to mange all of the content for your website in one user friendly admin panel. This means you will be able to perform many tasks without having any programming ability such as:


  • Adding new pages to your website
  • Removing pages from your website
  • changing text and images on your web pages
  • managing users if you allow registration on your site
  • Adding blog posts
  • And much more..