20 Dec

Increase Your Sales in the Festive Season

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Contrary to the popular belief that businesses are slow during holidays, festive seasons are actually one of the best periods for businesses to increase their sales and customer base. There are a few methods in which businesses can adopt to attract and bring more customers to their products and services during these periods. Truth to be told, most people like to celebrate and do not mind on spending money during these periods. So as a business owner, you’ll need to know how to tap and take advantage of this mindset during holiday seasons.

So what are the techniques we can implement to increase the number of customers?

1. Festive promotions & discounts increase sales

One of the most common techniques that businesses use would be using festive promotions and discounts for their products. This technique has been used for a very long time and has proved to be one of the most effective methods to bring in customers. Customers love discounts and offering a discount or promotion during festive seasons would definitely bring in the masses to your shop.

2. Festive Versions Of Your Products

This technique would be slightly different and would be a technique that instead of building masses, it would bring in the loyal customers and increase your brand awareness with your customers and prospects. Usually festive versions of your products would be slightly more unique and you’ll be able to mark up the cost of each product more. Big companies like Starbucks & Walmart use these kinds of techniques to bring in more revenue for their business during festive periods.

3. Festive Events For Your Customers

One other technique would be also to hold a festive event for your customers. This would definitely build your company rapport with your customers and increase your database of customers. It also builds authority for your company and creates more demand for your products. Although the downside of it would be that it would have a larger cost than the other two techniques.

Using these techniques will definitely increase your sales and customers, however, if your company has the capacity to run all at the same time, it would build your reputation and increase your sales at a much higher rate.


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17 Dec

Top Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Enough Traffic

In today’s world, the internet plays a huge role in our society and can heavily influence its users.

In a recent poll, it was shown that people spend 1 in 12 minutes online and 1 in 4 people actually spend more time online than asleep. So then what does that mean for businesses?

It means that online marketing and having an effective website is key to bringing more customers to your business and products. Yet, many businesses are still ignorant of the fact that having a strong online marketing campaign would be able to create more awareness and generate more sales.

Most business owners do feel that just having a simple website would be enough and many are unaware that a website has a bigger potential to play a more important role in building your business’ brand awareness.

So then how do you know if your website is not doing as well as it’s supposed to be?

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Reason #1 – Your Website Cannot Make Your Visitor Stay

Many businesses have corporate websites which although may look professional, do not have the ability to keep their visitors. That can be a big problem for companies. If your visitors don’t have a reason to stay, it also means that they don’t have a good reason to land on your website at all.

In order to get your visitors to stay, your website needs to be attractive and relevant. So then how do we do it?

What your website would need is to have information to tell your visitors how they can benefit and how your business or products would be able to help them. And no, this is not about what your company can do. Rather, it should be what your company can do for them.


Reason #2 – Your Website Has No Ability To Pull Leads

This is a huge problem for many websites. Visitors come and visitors go. So basically, companies are losing close to 90% of their customers and prospects. Why? It’s because their website has no ability to pull leads and capture them for future promotions and follow ups.

Most business owners usually don’t really bother because they don’t see the potential of how a lead capture system would be able to reduce their future marketing cost. Therefore, most of them are flushing their money down the toilet because their losing close to 90% of their leads form the marketing campaigns. So if you’re one of them, think again.

Imagine being able to capture the leads so that you can save close to 50% of your marketing cost whenever you run a marketing campaign. This can be either having a relevant incentive to give away in exchange for their leads or getting them to subscribe after their purchases. It would be much easier to get your buyers to purchase again and making sure you capture their details would be key to keeping your business running.

If you’re interested in integrating a lead capture system into your website and need more information, feel free to contact us.


Reason #3 – Your Website Is Not Integrated With Your Facebook, Google+ Or Twitter

If you have been making that mistake, that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Social media is one of the most populated areas in this era. It also gives you the chance to get your products to go viral and to be spread at a rapid rate.

That is, if it is done the right way.

So if your website is not at least linked to your facebook page or twitter page, make sure it is. However, just having it linked would not be enough. Your visitors will need a reason to share your products, services and websites. So reason #3 should be integrated with reason #1. Give them a reason to land on your website and a reason to share your website.


Reason #4 – Your Website Does Not Make Your Product Accessible

If your customers can easily access and make purchases from your website, it would further enhance your conversion rate of purchases. Why is that so?

Currently, if your customers have to go down to your shop to make a purchase, there will be many factors of why they wouldn’t want to go down. Some can include, they don’t have the time, it’s too far etc. However if you make it easily accessible for them to first make a purchase, they would have no choice but to go down to your store to collect or would need to pay more for delivery.

It is all about making it easier for your customers and reducing the pain of buying from them. Give them a reason to buy from you and not from your competitors.


Reason #5 – Your Website Is Not Personalized

Personalizing your website is key to keeping customers. Currently, most websites are not personalized to your regular customers. But if your website is personalized, it would definitely stand out and make a lasting impression on your visitors. This would definitely build your brand and give you an edge over your other competitors.

Marketing is all about making your customers aware of your products and services and building your brand. With the 5 tips we’ve given to you, you’ll definitely be able to increase your leads, sales and brand awareness.